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المركز الاعلامى

- In (1972 AD) company, has started each of the Taoist parts of concrete and cement products, first steps, when Sheikh (Ahmed Al-

Tawi) in the city (Bisha) to establish the first factory for the manufacture of ready-mixed concrete, road works and construction in the southern region of the Kingdom.- And what only a few years until the company had acquired Al Taoist good reputation and trust of its customers in providing their honest services and aid in the manufacture and supply of ready mix concrete with high quality certified to all who have dealt with the company, either private or public sector. 


- During the ten years after the date of incorporation, the company (Al-Tawi) has put its mark on most of the buildings and monuments, houses and villas, shops and government facilities in the city (Bisha) 


- The need to be expanded and spread to fill after the reputation of this fledgling company and ears of the contracting companies who implement real estate projects, was the opening of a branch (Jeddah) is the next step for expansion because of the city experienced significant economic growth and increasing real estate owned and in this city the movement of commercial and urban, prosperous and pioneering in the field of construction and reconstruction, and to become a branch (Jeddah) is the second branch of this leading company.

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